Let us introduce ourselves

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Re: Let us introduce ourselves

Postby 121 » Mon Apr 01, 2013 5:09 pm

Hello everyone,

This is Jyoti. Shah. With God's grace I have just started the Vedic Mathematics course. After surfing for a few weeks about Vedic Mathematics courses, I came across school of vedic maths by Mr. Vinay Nair. I also read about Chinmaya mission and was contemplating whether to join or not. But, after I spoke to Mr. Nair, I was convinced that this is what I have been looking for and so enrolled myself for this postal course.
I have always loved maths. I am a fashion designer by profession but have not been pursuing it for a long time as I have been busy raising my two children, 15 and 11. Now, that they have grown, I have more time for myself and have decided to pursue my passion for mathematics. I don't know how much will I be able to justify my decision as I have been out of touch with studies since a very long time. My efforts along with everyone here on the forum would definitely help me sail through.
I have registered myself but am still being addressed as a guest. I am not able to understand where I am going wrong. An honest confession, I am not computer savvy, so maybe, I am making some mistake in the registration process. Every time I try to log in even after registering, I am still asked to contact the administrator. Hope, I can sort this soon.

Looking forward to this course and the discussion on this forum :D

Re: Let us introduce ourselves

Postby Vinay » Tue Apr 02, 2013 7:45 am

Dear Jyoti ji,

Hari Om!

We are really happy to see an enthusiastic mother who looks forward to pursue her passionate subject. Learning something we are love is one of the best ways of making use of one's time. Appreciate your decision.

You need not worry that you haven't been in touch with studies since quite some time. The subject is pretty simple to grasp.
I've emailed you the manual for registering on the DF. Hope that helps you register as a user.

Keep posting on the DF your queries/thoughts/insights during the course.
With Prem & Om,

Vinay Nair
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