Some of our acharyas have been travelling extensively and they bring back experiences with Gurudev's devotees living in different corners of the world. These are simple, wonderful people in small towns, small villages doing their mite. Or silent devotees serving in ways we cannot even imagine.

It will take many lifetimes to hear all these stories if we wait to meet these unsung heroes.

This forum will gather such stories so that everyone can read about these great servants of Gurudev. Equally it is a forum to post stories about the work being done by devotees you know so that all of us are inspired by these silent workers.

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On this occasion of Gurudev's Samadhi Day, this is our tribute to Gurudev who has used service to purify so many people. Om Paavakaaya Namah!"


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Part – 3

The lady of the house, Parvathamma, (who had taken the decision to lead this type of Vanaprastha ashram, who had inspired her husband so much and showed the way to her children (one daughter got married and one son working in a reputed firm), like a role model – all these impression were created in the Brahmachari by the information given by Shri. Ramachandra Rao himself about her), invited the Brahmachari and the chyk with kind words. Welcomed them into her home and all that that should be done to a guest, she did it in a perfect way.

They invited the the guests to stay in their house only and not in Mysore. The invitation was immediately accepted, by the Brahmachari and the Chyk alike, happily, as their feelings were geniunely from their heart.

Parvathamma started talking about her spiritual journey.

At some point in her life, she started thinking, is that all life is about? Born, grown, got married, had two children nicely grown up. Surely there is more meaning to life. She started praying to Bhagavan sincerely that she does not know anything and to guide her. She started reading books and somehow she was told that the Guru himself will come when the Shishya is sincere and ready. She had her own doubt about this concept (this will remain only as a concept till one really experiences it in real life).

One fine morning, the door of her house was knocked upon. When she opened she saw a person with yellow robes, may be accompanied by some known person to her. That person was a brahmachari – Acharya of Chinmaya Mission, Ongole centre. From that time onwards, her life took a different direction. She felt, yes the Guru himself had come to her doorsteps. Her prayer to Bhagavan had been answered. Regular classes were started in her house. Her husband also appreciated and supported the Vedanta classes. Her son, as usual in the beginning hesitant, slowly finding the Brahmachari very friendly also become very close to him. Ten years of regular study, from the prakarana granthas, Bhagavad-gita, Upanishads, doing service – conducting Gita-chanting competition, devi groups, study groups, attending Spiritual camps at various places at Uttarkashi, Siddhabari, Adi Sankara Nilayam (Chinmaya International Foundation)all had its perfect effect on her that made her take the decision to move to this kind of Vanaprashtha Ashram explained before.
Now, is that all smooth, just changing the living place, and life style – from a house wife to a farmer etc.
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