Some of our acharyas have been travelling extensively and they bring back experiences with Gurudev's devotees living in different corners of the world. These are simple, wonderful people in small towns, small villages doing their mite. Or silent devotees serving in ways we cannot even imagine.

It will take many lifetimes to hear all these stories if we wait to meet these unsung heroes.

This forum will gather such stories so that everyone can read about these great servants of Gurudev. Equally it is a forum to post stories about the work being done by devotees you know so that all of us are inspired by these silent workers.

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On this occasion of Gurudev's Samadhi Day, this is our tribute to Gurudev who has used service to purify so many people. Om Paavakaaya Namah!"


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Right from the purchasing of the land, this family faced lots of difficulties. After purchasing the land, Parvathamma took a small rented portion of a house in that small Sindhu Valli village to make the land suitable for cultivation. From this rented house, she used to go to the field, supervise the workers, cleared all the bushes etc. That area being very dry, they had to dig eight borewells and in all the eight no water was available. The concerned persons themselves said – now we can stop. All has come to an end. But Parvathamma remembered Chinmayaranyam – once a deserted land, literally a much dry area with people walking many kilometers for even the drinking water. She remembered Pujya Swamini Sharadapriyananda amma, how with her unshakable faith told to dug the place for the borewell where Gurudev has washed His hands and the exact place where the water poured from His hands. To everyone’s surprise water gushed out from the hole and once really a desert like place became an ‘Aranyam’, forests.

With those thoughts invoking the Guru and Bhagvan’s grace, Parvathamma told that they will dig not one but two more borewells. The people around were dumbfounded when they saw both the borewells sprang up the waters in the sky. With the same faith and devotion, she started cultivating various vegetables, banana plantations, different types of beautiful flower plants in all the 10 acres. Many experienced persons warned her that she was taking a big risk. The expected rain did not come. But she did not stop. We cannot even not believe what she did. For six months, every single say, she carried 100 pots of water which she took from the tap and poured all over the land. In between all these, she called her Chinmaya Mission Acharya and discussed about these problems. He advised her to install Hanumanji in their land and HE will protect the devotees. Immediately the work to build a small temple dedicated to Hanumanji started and it was decided to bring the same form of Hanumanji as in Siddhabari Ashram. The same Hanumanji in small form was installed and was given the name rightly as “Siddha Hanuman”. On June 2nd, Hanumanji’s prathistha was done by her Acharya, Pujya Swami Satyatmanandaji, of Chinmaya Mission Ongole.

All the plants they had cultivated were becoming dry even after all her efforts. The workers who helped her in the cultivation literally cried. That day Parvathamma prayed to God sincerely that she had come here only to do sadhana and service in the form of cultivation and not to gain any profit and become rich. If God does not want that, she said she will accept that and will go back to her place Ongole. With this prayer she went to sleep. At around midnight her sleep was disturbed by some noise and when she came out and saw, she could see Bhagavan’s grace – rains showering. All the plants survived. Hanumanji was there watching this devotee silently, as a witness and there is no one else there. She was overjoyed and woke up her husband.
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