Some of our acharyas have been travelling extensively and they bring back experiences with Gurudev's devotees living in different corners of the world. These are simple, wonderful people in small towns, small villages doing their mite. Or silent devotees serving in ways we cannot even imagine.

It will take many lifetimes to hear all these stories if we wait to meet these unsung heroes.

This forum will gather such stories so that everyone can read about these great servants of Gurudev. Equally it is a forum to post stories about the work being done by devotees you know so that all of us are inspired by these silent workers.

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On this occasion of Gurudev's Samadhi Day, this is our tribute to Gurudev who has used service to purify so many people. Om Paavakaaya Namah!"


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Now comes the most interesting part. As she was narrating all this to the brahmachari and the chyk who were now here guests, her phone rang. It was Swami Satyatmananda. He told her that that very day was the 48th day of the Siddha Hanumanji’s Prathistha (the Hanuman on her land). The 48th day had to be celebrated. Some days ago they had talked about this and were confused as there was no one to do the puja in such a far away village! Who would go there!
But just now Swamiji told her that again their prayer was answered as Gurudev himself has sent the Brahmachari (who was now her guest) – so ask him to do the Puja.

That guest Brahmachari, poor man, was already in a different mood seeing such great devotees, reveling in all the glory they were telling him. Now he felt blessed that he got an opportunity to do Hanumanji’s Puja.

Greatest wonder, that day also happened to be the last day of the Yagna which he should have been conducting at Chennai (remember – he had to abandon his Kambaramayanam - Sundarakandam yagna owing to neck pain). But the Brahmachari was still carrying the text with him.

Parvathamma went quickly to the kitchen to prepare Prasad for the Puja. Ramachandra Rao went to pluck flowers from the garden. The Chyk and the Brahmachari took bath and went to Hanumanji’s little temple, chanted Guru Stotram, Tapovanashatkam, then Sundarakandam Parayanam followed by Hanumanji’s Puja, Hanuman Chalisa chanting. By 10 pm everything was accomplished with greatest of joy!

What else to say? Can it be called a mere co-incidence? Where was the Brahmachari and what all happened to him and finally where did he land up and what did he do? What else to say other than Guru’s and Bhagavan’s grace to get satsang with such wonderful devotees, who are striving sincerely to live what they have learnt and thereby marching ahead to Bhagavan not stopping even in great difficulties. Let us pray for this kind of pure faith and devotion.

Parvathamma now wants to serve at CIF during Gurudev’s birth centenary year celebration. Not only that, all the cultivation from her land she wishes to offered to the devotees there - to be cooked and served to the devotees. For…. After all it belongs to their Guru! Her Guru…
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