What this forum is about - the unknown, unsung heroes

Some of our acharyas have been travelling extensively and they bring back experiences with Gurudev's devotees living in different corners of the world. These are simple, wonderful people in small towns, small villages doing their mite. Or silent devotees serving in ways we cannot even imagine.

It will take many lifetimes to hear all these stories if we wait to meet these unsung heroes.

This forum will gather such stories so that everyone can read about these great servants of Gurudev. Equally it is a forum to post stories about the work being done by devotees you know so that all of us are inspired by these silent workers.

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On this occasion of Gurudev's Samadhi Day, this is our tribute to Gurudev who has used service to purify so many people. Om Paavakaaya Namah!"

Re: What this forum is about - the unknown, unsung heroes

Postby meera » Tue Aug 06, 2013 6:04 am

Hari Om,

Sri Chinmaya Satgurave Namah!

Br. Kutastha Chaitanya, from Chinmaya International Foundation, Kerala has sent this thought from his smartphone. He is serving far away in a village, from where he is unable to access the Forum and requested this be posted here:

"This introduction is very inspiring. Truly, great is the devotee whose devotion can never be explained adequately.

This has been beautifully explained by the great Tamil poet saint Avvaiyaar many many centuries ago in a beautiful poem, that – greater than Bhagavan's glory, is Devotee’s glory...

Avvaiyyar was a female poet of the ninth century, who lived in the southern parts of India. She was a great poetess and a revered saint. The term 'Avvaiyyar' means ' respected old woman' or 'Grandmother'.

Avvaiyyar brings this out in a step by step beautiful logic. Reading this note brought to mind her poem.

This is a gist of Avviayar’s poem:

The devotion of the devotee is actually the biggest, greatest.

What is big ?
The world is big.

Who created this great world?

Brahma. Brahma is bigger than the world - meaning greater, for, the creator is greater than the created.

But Brahma is born in a lotus from Bhagawan Vishnu’s navel. So Bhagawan Vishnu is greater than Brahma.
Then again, Lord Vishnu is sleeping upon the Ocean. So the Ocean is greater.
But the whole Ocean was gathered up in the palm by Sage Agastya, which he drank up (to empty the oceans to reveal the asuras).
So Sage Agastya is greater than the Ocean.

Now, Sage Agastya himself was born in an earthen pot .

But pot is just a small portion of the earth.
Therefore earth is bigger than Sage Agasthya;

But the whole earth itself is being held on one of the thousand heads of Adishesha!

Therefore Adisesha is bigger than the earth.
Mother Uma Devi wears Adisesha as a ring on her little finger. Therefore Uma Devi is bigger than Adi Sesha.

But then Uma Devi is part of the Lord.
Therefore the Lord is greater than Uma Devi.

And finally- the Lord Himself is residing in the heart of the devotees.

Therefore devotee is greater than all these.

Indeed, the devotee’s glory is not easy to comprehend."

Hari Om.
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Re: What this forum is about - the unknown, unsung heroes

Postby meera » Tue Sep 10, 2013 5:49 am

Hari Om,
Greetings and pranaam.

The love for Gurudev is imbibed and felt by different people differently. All are expressions of his vision. Each one is conscious of what Gurudev means to him or her and with this thought, each one serves life.

Do let us share the devotees' love for Gurudev and his vision as we have heard others tell us, or as we are seeing, play out.

If you have seen Gurudev's vision express through the silent work of any devotee... share here, please. That will be the pole star for others...

Your story can be brief as long as the message is heard.

Hari Om..
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