Some of our acharyas have been travelling extensively and they bring back experiences with Gurudev's devotees living in different corners of the world. These are simple, wonderful people in small towns, small villages doing their mite. Or silent devotees serving in ways we cannot even imagine.

It will take many lifetimes to hear all these stories if we wait to meet these unsung heroes.

This forum will gather such stories so that everyone can read about these great servants of Gurudev. Equally it is a forum to post stories about the work being done by devotees you know so that all of us are inspired by these silent workers.

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On this occasion of Gurudev's Samadhi Day, this is our tribute to Gurudev who has used service to purify so many people. Om Paavakaaya Namah!"


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Part - 2

In Chennai, the Brahmachari started his work for the programme that he had accepted. Next two or three days, he had a Yagna at Adyar and Kotturpuram and the subject was – Kambaramayana - Sundara Kandam and about Alzwars in the morning session. He started preparing for his yagna and other work, so he totally forgot about the Ongole episode.
One day while he was in a library studying – immersed in the beauty of the Alzwars devotion to Bhagavan, suddenly he felt a severe pain at the neck and shoulders. He has to undergo immediate treatment to get cured of the pain. He could not do the Sundara Kandam yagna, and some other Acharya was requested to conduct the yagna.

That Brahmachari came to Coimbatore Chinmaya Gardens for his Ayurvedic treatment. During the treatment he had to go to the city and stay for the treatment. But when he reached there, the situation was such that he could not be accommodated in that place. That time a Chyk came there in his car and informed Swamiji that he is going to Mysore and whether he would like to come. That Brahmachari thought for a moment – what others will say – during treatment, that too having severe pain travelling to Mysore and have to comeback again the next day. He remembered Shri. Ramachandra Rao’s Sindhu Village, that it is somewhere near Mysore, that Siddha Hanumanji etc. Immediately he decided to go to Mysore and on the way called Swami Satyanandaji and got Ramachandra Rao’s mobile no. He called him and told him that he would be visiting them by evening. On the way to Mysore, he had the opportunity to have darshan of very ancient Shiva, Vishnu and Devi temples.

By around 6 pm their vehicle was few kilometers away from Sindhu Valli village. They could see that they had come far off from any city. Final call was made to Ramachandra Rao to locate the village. "Come straight, one red coloured painted walls of small bus stop will come, take the road opposite", and the instructions went on and on. They followed all the instructions and entered a very tiny village, with a very few small houses and that also crossed. They did not find any further route; stopped the car, got down and looked around imagining from where Shri. Ramachandra Rao would be appearing.

Suddenly, from afar, they saw one man coming on a scooter and they guessed that this must be Shri. Ramachandra Rao. But still they kept watching and wondering how he would reach them for they did not see any proper road. He finally reached them and asked them to follow his scooter. They travelled another kilometer but still they could see no more houses or any sort of structure. Everywhere, on all sides, all they could see was greenery, paddy fields and all sorts of trees, banana plantations. Suddenly in-between these scenery, they saw a simple looking house. It was no secret or difficulty to arrive at the conclusion that this was Shri. Ramachandra Rao’s house.
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