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Postby sunilgoel29 » Thu Jan 14, 2016 4:58 pm

Hari Om!
In the Panchadasi class of Jan 13th, it was explained to us by our respected Swami Advayananda ji, that prarabdha karma can be destroyed thru Yoga, which is a willful activity and that if gnana and Jivan Mukti is in our prarabdha, then we will by nature follow the path of knowledge and reach the stage of Jivan Muktih. I find a little contradiction here. If Jivan Mukti is in our prarabdha, we will automatically be drawn into shastric studies and become wise to attain Jivan Mukti. But supposing, Jivan Mukti is not in our prarabdha and we don't know whether it is or it is not, in that case will our efforts still achieve the desired results, gnana nishta being more powerful than prarabdha? I humbly invite comments from the attending students as well as the acharyas who are moderating this forum.

Hari Om.

In Shri Guru Smriti

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Re: Panchadasi Chapter 1

Postby vanajaravinair » Thu Jan 14, 2016 11:10 pm

Hari Om Sunilgoel-ji,

Swamiji said, we do not know what prarabdha holds for us. The means are always drusht, though prarabdha is adrusht. Swamiji also said for sublimation of mind drushta sadhana (yogabhyasa) is required. Mind can be mastered by severe sadhana. Yes, by purusha prayatna mind can be overpowered.
Our today’s prarabdha is due to the result of our own past karmas, but today is in our hands…
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Re: Panchadasi Chapter 1

Postby 21512sw4 » Thu Jan 14, 2016 11:54 pm

Hari Om

This body we have are due to Prarbhdha Karma. Karma here means Phala the fruits of our action.

When we understand that the world is only forms & names and drops his indentification with Body Mind Sense complex ^which means the accumulated karma [Sanchita - not yet fructified] and Agaami Karma [phala] done in this birth are burnt due to the dawn of Brahma Gyanam while the Prarbhdha Karma which is the cause of this body & responsible for giving enjoyment as well as pain for this body [gross & subtle] & in his vision he sees in all living being the existence of SELF only % has no 2nd subject to fear!!! as he understands there is ONLY ONE subject. This is Jeevan Mukti & continues to live till the prarabhdha karmA contiues as he shows his gratitude to the Prarbhdha Karma for having given this body to obtain Brahma Gyan & facilitated to overcome all the obstacles using the freewill with the Gyana Vasanas meaning living a dharmic & ethical life, allowed the mind to grasp the teachers words. We have to understand that it is not that we are destined to get Atma Gyan becauase of Prarbhdha karma, it helps us to lead a life with alertness not to fall in the spiritual path. This is facilitated by Sadhana Chathushtaya Sampath, leading a life of Karma Yoga. For Jeevan Mukta who has no liks & dislikes for him, as long as this Gross body is alive, the equipment given to enjoy/suffer, Prarabdha will continue. Once the body falls there is no Jeevatvam [samsara] for the Jeeva.

At Guru's feet

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Re: Prarabhda Karma

Postby subbugnanam » Mon Feb 08, 2016 9:30 pm

Hari Om,
This is A.V.Anantha Subramaniam.
The blue print for the Next birth for the energy that is inside a BMI is drawn by BMI during this birth.
That means all efforts taken during this birth to know that which will enable to know everything is carried over to the next birth to continue the efforts. If a person desire to become Prime Minister, he will become Prime Minister, in one of the births.. All desires will get fulfilled during the cycle of birth and death provided the sanchitha karma is not burnt with Purusha Prayathna.
If anyone wants to get liberated from the cycle of birth and death then he has to remain without any desire.

Hari Om.
Hari Om, With regards,
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Re: Prarabhda Karma

Postby RoopaSatish » Wed Feb 10, 2016 11:48 pm

Hari Om all.

I agree with Vanaja. While Prarabhda determines our choices today, what choices we make today (Purusharth) determines our tomorrow. So there is no doubt that Purasharth is more important. Otherwise the Karma Theory in Hinduism will be advocating passive acceptance of our destiny. Rather, the point is to focus on dynamic action - but without selfish desires - so that new Vasanas are not produced.

Gurudev Chinmayananda explains it very simply using this example – think of yellow paint on the wall as your destiny Prarabdha . Now if we use green colour on it (self effort) , it will turn blue. This is the effect of Prarabhda. It does have some influence. But continuous application of green colour on it will get you the desired Green colour finally. This is the power of Purusharth.

Gurudev always said “Purusharth alone is"

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