Nidhidhyasana - Nivikalpa Samadhi

Nidhidhyasana - Nivikalpa Samadhi

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Hari Om

I am Kalyan. I want to share my understanding & raise few questions

My understanding of Verses 54- 57, due to doubtless understanding through Sravanam & Manam of scriptural teaching & doubtless understanding of the Mahavakya teaching from a teacher, the student is able to practice Nidhidyasana & make his mind to be in the single flow of thought - Brahmakara vritti. By constant practice he is able to continue his mediation & absorbed fully in Nirvikalpa samadhi. Nidhidhyasana removes the vipirita bhavana, habitual error while dealing with the world of objects.

My Question

When Swamiji mentioned that the person of knowledge has no thought during Nirvikalpa Samadhi, how he is able recollect i was in Samadhi, if his aham vritti was absent, how he was able to recollect his experience in the absence of Vritti?

We have been taught by Swamiji that Brahman cannot be experienced like an object [gocharam] of the world;

So Can we say ''Aham Brahmasmi'' mediation can be helpful to streamline once thought to a single flow of thought for chiita ikAgrathA & remove all deficiencies of Sadhana chathushtaya sampathi by Nidhidhyasana which means Sravanam Mananam alone helps the sadhaka to understand & assimilate the vedantic teachings?


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