Is killing a mosquito Paapa?

Is killing a mosquito Paapa?

Postby nairvinayr » Mon Aug 01, 2016 9:05 am

Hari Om!

Towards the end of the Panchadasi chapter I, it was explained that we knowingly and unknowingly incur paapa. We incur paapa even when insects get killed under our feet. I wanted to know if we would incur paapa by instances like killing insects like mosquitoes and cockroaches? We are doing it for protecting ourselves, but will it still account for paapa? What about the killing done by soldiers in the warfront? I was under the impression that it is not himsa because there is no selfish intention to kill the enemy soldier. Both countries' soldiers are just doing their duties. However, after listening to Panchadasi, I am feeling a bit confused about the acts that would incur paapa. Would be great if someone could clarify my doubt.

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