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Postby DOCTOR » Mon Feb 27, 2017 4:20 pm

Dear Dr. Varun Khanna,


Since you have nicely guided us, your students in taking the first dip in the ocean of the Sanskrit Grammar in the Lesson-04 of your Sanskrit Webinar on 26-02-2017, I have nothing to write about it!

As such, I have continued my write-up with the Topic titled ‘THE SANSKRIT ALPHABET—PART-4’ wherein ‘CONJUNCT CONSONANTS’ have been included. I may mention here that I am writing this Paper so as to facilitate those Participants who are not at all familiar with various aspects of the Devanaagarii Script. Hope, you would allow it.

I have today uploaded my above Paper to the ‘Uploads by Students’ under the Google Drive.

This is for your kind information please.

--Dr. Y.N. RAO,
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