about vowels ऋ & लृ

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about vowels ऋ & लृ

Postby mpprabhu » Sun Mar 26, 2017 10:27 am

नमस्कार Varunji -

I had these 2 questions from the beginning of the class.

1) Why are ऋ & लृ considered as vowels ? Our general understanding of vowels are those sounds that are made without any restrictions posed in the mouth. These 2 vowels need to use of tongue to restrict the passage of air for pronouncing this sound. So what qualifies these as vowels?

2) What is the difference in pronounciation between ऋ & र ? (except that ऋ is a shorter sound, more like र्)

Praful Prabhu
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Re: about vowels ऋ & लृ

Postby kmksde1974 » Sun Mar 26, 2017 3:06 pm

Post your questions according class. For example class 7 .
ऋ and र both are originating place is मूर्ध्नया . But ऋ will be stresses and र is normal,
लृ originating place is teeth. Only that much I know.
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