Week 9 Queries

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Re: Week 9 Queries

Postby VarunKhanna » Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:04 am

aprasana wrote:Hari Om
I have a question about the example of

dhatu 710
why is na not dropped by ita using the Aadi chutu sutra?
nidi -> na i da im -> na should be off by sutra 7? Aadu chutu - why is that not the case?

dhatu 984 iiha
why is ha not dropped by applying halantyam it sanjya?

i am 2 weeks behind on account of travel homework and hence the delayed question.
Thank you for an energized approach to language - even i am newly excited about the language and might get it; the dressing up of the Dhatu seems exciting.


Hari Om Prasana ji,

1. Re णिदिँ ... Keep in mind that the सूत्र "चुटू" only applies to प्रत्ययs. We saw that it takes अनुवृत्ति from the word "प्रत्ययस्य" from the सूत्र "षः प्रत्ययस्य".

2. Re ईहँ ... we cannot drop ह using "हलन्त्यम्" because the ह is not at the end. Let's take a look at the आनुपूर्वी -- ई ह् अँ. So the ह is not at the end in the उपदेश. Thus, we cannot remove it. We can only remove अँ because of "उपदेशेऽजनुनासिक इत्". So even though it becomes ईह् after that, we cannot apply "हलन्त्यम्" now because it is no longer the उपदेश (ie directly what पाणिनि said).

Hope this clarifies.

All the best,

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Re: Week 9 Queries

Postby mpprabhu » Wed Apr 26, 2017 3:58 am

नमस्कार वरुणजी -
I had a doubt about the सूत्र - भूवादयो धातवः । where you explained that the dhatu list in the dhatupaatha begin with भू. So I expected the first dhatu to be listed to be something starting with भू. However, the first dhatu is गुहू. I see that this dhatu is listed under some category called as भ्वादिगणः. So how exactly does the सूत्र relate to गुहू or भ्वापदिगणः ?

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Re: Week 9 Queries

Postby vinodp » Fri Apr 28, 2017 10:49 am

नमस्ते वरुणमहोदय,

In the helpful materials section for this week, in the file "How to use the Dhātupāṭha.pdf", you mention that Prof. Pushpa Dikshit has published a new धातुपाठ where she has retrofitted the relevant nasalizations. Could you please tell us the book where she has done this (or provide a link to a soft copy in case you have one)?

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